Author of Jade Flower.

Jesús Barona Vilches (Córdoba, Christmas Eve, 1976). With an early vocation for creative writing, he is the author of several collections of poems, published fragmentally in various types of media. He went in for dramatic arts studies and he took his first steps in drama and radio. However, he finally decided to follow his vocation as a historian and teacher, getting his degree in History.
While he has some of his stories published and awarded, his literary efforts have been centred –for more than a decade– on the creation of the universe named “The Jade Flower”. This is a five-volume epic story, whose two first parts have been published at a national level. The first of them, The Envoy, was released in April of 2009. Thanks to it the writer was awarded with the “Autor Revelación en Literatura Fantástica” prize (an annual award given to the best new writer in fantastic literature) during the V Salón del Cómic of Málaga: «ImaginaMálaga» 2009. It was there where he met the illustrator Luis Royo, with whom he has an interesting friendship. Nowadays, he lives in Madrid, taking part in a project called «MALEFIC TIME» by Luis and Rómulo Royo. Such a project involves writing the series of novels with which the renowned illustrator tries to extend his distinctive universe.

Javier Charro

Javier Charro Martínez was born in León in 1980, but he moved on to Las Palmas de Gran Canarias when he was only a few months old. Thanks to his father, who had been a painter in his youth, he began his passion for the pictorial art. Later, this art was going to branch out into his interest in comics and fantastic illustration.
After his collaboration in an animation short, which was made entirely with graphite, he started to publish illustrations for role-playing games in 2003. From that moment on he began to work as a freelance illustrator, combining his work with his degree on architecture.
In 2006 he settled in Madrid, working as a creative architect in a well-known Spanish studio as he continues with his career as an illustrator. It is in the summer of 2010 when he finally decided to go in for the latter, taking on several new projects and coping with a larger number of commissions.
He has in his curriculum more than 200 illustrations. They have been published by both national and foreign editorials as title pages of books, role-playing games, cards, magazines, and board games. Among others, he makes fantastic, sci-fi and terror images.
Some of the editorials and firms for whom he has worked are:
Fantasy Flight Games (U.S.A.)
Mongoose Publishing (U.K.)
Moon Design Publications (U.K.)
Hero Games (U.S.A.)
Mythic Dreams/Crafty Games (U.S.A.)
Team Jabbwerocky (U.S.A.)
Editorial Sombra (Spain)
Mundos Épicos (Spain)
Dobleuve comunicación S.L. (Spain)


"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and of having nothing to do"...Thus, she decided to follow the White Rabbit to a world of words. But at the end of this story she does not awake. She decides to sleep forever, lost among words... the words of others. They become her new playmates.